There should be 2 types of history subjects (2023)

High School Graduation Exam From 2025, it should be maintained to ensure compliance with the Law on Education, but it is necessary to innovate in the direction of flexibility, efficiency, pressure reduction, and assessment of learners according to the quality and capacity specified in the General Education program. through 2018.

Grade 10 students who are following the 2018 General Education program have 6 compulsory subjects including: literature, math, foreign language 1, physical education, defense and security education, and history. Based on that, according to a leader of the Ministry of Education and Training, it is expected that the high school graduation exam from 2025 will have 4 compulsory exams including: literature, math, history, and foreign languages. The Ministry of Education and Training is also considering that there may be some more elective subjects for students to choose according to the subjects they choose to study at the high school level. This ensures that higher education institutions have appropriate admissions bases.

If history becomes a compulsory subject, it should be differentiated to match career orientation, not requiring all candidates (TS) to take the same exam.


First of all, the Ministry of Education and Training needs to invest in researching comprehensively and fully on aspects of the graduation exam such as: objectives, organization, number of exam subjects, and results of educational quality assessment. popular of high school exam; quality of university and vocational training; assess the integration ability of Vietnamese education through high school exams and university admissions; evaluate the positive and negative impact factors of the exam on teaching and learning in high schools.

It is necessary to stabilize the high school graduation exams in 2023 and 2024, but improve the exam questions in the direction of capacity assessment. Literature exam questions need to be creative, linked to reality, and out of textbooks so that Dr. preventing fraud with high technology in the context of ChatGPT was born.

There should be 2 types of history subjects (1)

The high school graduation exam from 2025 is chaired by the locality, suitable and synchronous with the goals and methods of teaching and learning according to the 2018 general education program. Accordingly, 4 subjects of mathematics, literature and foreign languages. Language and history are compulsory subjects, so it will be a compulsory exam. In addition, PhD students can choose 2 to 3 more subjects in subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, technology, geography, economic and legal education, art) according to career orientation, but there are only 2 subjects for graduation. Graduation score is the average score of 6 subjects (including priority and incentive points), without the participation of the grade point average of 12th grade.


History subject is a compulsory subject, but the exam questions need to be divided into 2 topics, an advanced exam for PhD students with career orientation related to history; and a basic exam, for a career-oriented TS unrelated to history.

High school graduation exam in 2022 55.53% of PhD students registered to participate in the social science complex exam, but the university admission rate of the major groups using the C00 combination (literature, history, and geography) accounted for less than 9% (of which, social sciences). 6%, humanities field about 2%, science education and teacher training, law, police… about 1%). Other industries such as business and management are 26%, computer and information technology (13%), technology – engineering (9%), humanities (9%), health (6%). This shows that the human resources are very diverse, in which there are not many workers who use history knowledge and skills.

The graduation exam should be in the direction of assessing the capacity, based on the requirements to be met on the quality and capacity specified by the educational program. Time to organize 6 sessions for each of the following subjects or groups of subjects: (1) math, (2) literature; (3) foreign languages ​​and history; (4) physics, chemistry and biology; (5) geography, economic and legal education; (6) news, technology and art. The enrollment of universities and colleges is autonomous by the schools.

There should be 2 types of history subjects (2)


Since the issuance of Resolution No. 29/NQ-TW on fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training, high school graduation exams and university and college admissions have been continuously improved.

2014 is the first year of improving the high school graduation exam. Accordingly, the PhD student took the exam in 4 subjects (2 subjects reduced), of which 2 compulsory subjects were math and literature, 2 subjects were chosen by the TS among the subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, foreign languages). . The university and college entrance exams are then still held according to the general plan 3.

In 2015, 2016 the graduation exam became the national high school exam (2 in 1), with the aim of: using the exam results to consider high school graduation; provide more information to assess the quality of general education; provide data for university and college admissions. TS must take 4 subjects, including 3 compulsory subjects math, literature and foreign languages, 1 elective among subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, history and geography). Graduation scores are 50% of the grade point average of the 12th grade.

Regarding the organization of the exam, it is divided into 2 types of exam clusters: The PhD student only wishes to graduate from the local exam cluster, chaired by the Department of Education and Training; PhD students take exams for graduation and university admissions at exam clusters chaired by the university, in collaboration with the Departments of Education and Training.

Period 2017 – 2019: Continuing the national high school exam, with 5 tests, including 3 independent tests of math, literature, foreign languages ​​and 2 combined tests of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) ), social science (history, geography, civic education for PhD students in the high school curriculum; combination of history and geography subjects for PhD students in the general education program). All exams are multiple-choice, except for linguistics. The organization of the exam is chaired by the locality, in collaboration with universities and colleges; 1 exam board for each locality.

Period 2020 – 2022: the exam becomes the high school graduation exam according to the Education Law 2019. The Doctor takes 5 exams; Graduation scores are involved 30% of the grade point average of 12th grade.

In particular, in the two years of 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic was complicated, many schools had to close, switch to online teaching and learning, but the Ministry of Education and Training still decided to organize high school graduation exams, divided into 2 times.

Admission to universities and colleges in the direction of assigning to autonomous schools, with many different enrollment methods such as admissions based on academic records, admissions based on results of high school graduation exams, results of competency assessment tests, recruitment directly to university according to the regulations of the Ministry or according to the specific regulations of the schools… As a result, the rate of enrollment quotas according to the method of high school entrance examination scores decreased, reducing the pressure for PhD students a lot.

Graduation exam is less and less pressure

Although there are still many shortcomings such as negative cheating that occurred in 3 provinces of Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, Son La in 2018, the exam question had an easy year, so “rain of 10 points” occurred, the university admission score was over 30 points, enrollment with school records, so the problem of “getting points, running for grades” happened…, but the high school graduation exam and university and college enrollment in the period 2014 – 2022 have made many improvements.

High school graduation exams and university admissions are increasingly reducing pressure and costs for the society: PhD students are entitled to choose a combination of candidates according to their ability and career orientation; enrollment with many options and early enrollment should reduce pressure for the graduation exam; University admissions taking into account international English certificates has promoted the quality of foreign language teaching and learning.

High school graduation exams and university entrance exams have stabilized and been highly appreciated by the people and society. Universities trust the exam results, some schools have spent up to 70% of the target according to the test score method. The enrollment rate according to the entrance examination methods in 2022 is as follows: considering the highest high school graduation exam results (52.38%), considering high school learning results (36.24%), using the method other methods (4.10%), direct admission consideration according to the scheme of the higher education institution (1.93%), admission consideration according to the results of the test of capacity assessment, thinking assessment (1.34%).

Streamlining students after high school is increasingly effective, the percentage of students choosing vocational education is increasing. By the end of the first round of university enrollment in 2022, there were more than 100,000 students who were admitted but did not enroll but took part in vocational education (including high-scoring PhDs), studied abroad, directly worked in the country and exported. foreign labor export.

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