'Married at First Sight': Jasmina Explains Lack of Romantic Connection With Michael (2023)

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(Video) Jasmina Outar Explanation on the Lack of Romantic Connection With Michael Morency | MAFS

June 25, 2022

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June 25, 2022

(Video) Married at First Sight: Jasmina Talks about the Lack of Romantic Chemistry With Michael

Season 14 of Married at First Sight may be over but the participants are opening up in-depth about their experiences. One couple who had a rollercoaster relationship was Michael and Jasmina. While they were good on the eye, they clashed personality-wise and never developed romantic feelings for one another. According to Jasmina, the reason for such is deeper than what was shown on television.

'Married at First Sight': Jasmina Explains Lack of Romantic Connection With Michael (1)

Jasmina reveals why she and Michael lacked a romantic connection

Throughout the season, Michael and Jasmina struggled with communication. By the halfway mark, they were on more stable ground but failed to connect on a romantic level. If anything, they appeared more like friends than partners. But Jasmina says there’s a reason they lacked in that department. She noted it was not that she wasn’t attracted to Michael.

“It had nothing to do with physical appearance,” she said in an interview with Are You My Podcast. “None of my exes look the same. I’ve always been somebody that goes off personality, that’s just what I thrive off of and I’ve dated good-looking men, but at the end of the day if you’re not treating me right, you don’t have a good personality, then we’re not going to get anywhere.”

(Video) Married at First Sight: Jasmina Shockingly says Michael's 'Not Her Person' In Reunion Preview


‘MAFS’: Karen Opens up About How the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted Her and Miles’ Marriage

(Video) Married At First Sight: How did Michael & Jasmina Make Their Relationship Work?

More than anything, Jasmina says having such a late start in setting their foundation hurt in the end. Viewers felt differently, but she says it’s a difficult process, especially because it’s so condensed, explaining:

I think people forget – they don’t hear me when I say that Mike and I really didn’t speak the first month of our marriage…like at all. So, we really only had one month together. And so to try to feel something romantically in like 30 days was a lot. Because even if I meet somebody on the street, in three weeks I’m not saying I have feelings for you. I’m interested in you, but I don’t have those feelings. And I think people forget that and they’re like, ‘Yeah, sleep with him, or you should do this, and I’m not just somebody that works that way. I don’t know what world we live in. People meet and it’s OK to not be physical in two months when you met somebody. So when people are saying, ‘Oh, she’s friend-zoning him, she’s not kissing him, or she’s not having sex with him’ I’m like, there are people in real life who meet and don’t take it to that level a few weeks later.

The couple said yes on Decision Day but split a week after

Despite not having romantic feelings for one another, the couple opted to try and work on their marriage and stayed together on Decision Day. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived. They chose not to move in together, and to take things slow, which in turn may have had an adverse effect.

At the reunion special, Jasmina blamed Michael for not putting in an effort to salvage whatever they had. She alleged that he didn’t make any initial contact with her after the cameras were gone, and that he only visited her once. Michael denied such. They both agree they had a major blowup and Michael initiated the breakup. He felt that Jasmina did indeed friend-zone him and it was an impossible position for him to get out of.

The experts seemingly put more weight on Jasmine for the breakup, with them agreeing she didn’t give Michael a fair chance. But she insisted she did. “I think [Michael] an amazing man, but I don’t feel like Michael is my person,” she told the experts.

(Video) Married At First Sight 14 Episode 15 |Michael Says No To Making A Move On Jasmina

She says the two are not friends

The former couple didn’t speak after the reunion until the Where Are They Now special when the cast reunited for a weekend getaway. While there, Jasmina and Michael had a tense conversation to try and gain closure. Jasmina said after that conversation, she chose not to pursue a friendship with Michael due to hurtful comments he made that were not shown on camera.


Why did Jasmina and Michael break up? ›

Unfortunately, Jasmina and Michael split one week after the final episode, crushing the hearts of fans everywhere. Per Cheatsheet, Jasmina blamed the condensed time frame for their lack of connection and later affronted Michael for giving a poor effort to salvage their bond.

Did Michael and Jasmina divorce? ›

They were not surprised that Jasmina and Michael eventually decided to get a divorce. I feel like I knew Jasmina and Michael weren't going to stay together.. Married at First Sight Season 14 followed the lives of four Boston couples who got married without meeting each other.

What does Jasmina from married at first sight do for a living? ›

Jasmina (29) knew early on that she had a passion for children, so she dove into her career helping local youth as an early childhood education teacher.

Is Katina and Olajuwon still married? ›

Married at First Sight's Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson Split After 1 Year: 'Not an Easy Decision'

Is Jasmina attracted to Michael? ›

In an exclusive clip of the part 2 reunion episode shared by Kinetic TV, Jasmina reiterates that she is no longer romantically interested in Michael while discussing their relationship with the MAFS experts.

Are Elijah Juan and Katina still together? ›

“After one year of marriage and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” the spouses captioned a joint Instagram statement on November 11. “However, this was not an easy decision to make.”

Is Veronica still married to Michael? ›

The couple had met that year in Wewak, and Michael was immediately taken with Veronica, courting her quickly in "the village fashion." They had five children together: Betha, Sana, Arthur, Michael, and Dulciana. The pair remained married until Michael's death in 2021.

Is Michael still with his wife? ›

Surprisingly, it appears that Michael and Angela are still working on their marriage together. The pair married in January 2020 in Nigeria and have been working on obtaining a spousal visa.

Do Jasmine and Michael stay together? ›

Ultimately, the pair decided to remain married on Decision Day. “I feel like I don't know you enough, so you know, I want to get to know you more and stay married,” Jasmina told her husband.

Did Michael and Jasmina get back together? ›

Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived. They chose not to move in together, and to take things slow, which in turn may have had an adverse effect. At the reunion special, Jasmina blamed Michael for not putting in an effort to salvage whatever they had.

How much do you get paid on MAFS? ›

"You get $150 for the day, that's it," Nasser told Now to Love. "But on top of that, you have to pay expenses - your living expenses with the woman that you marry." "It's not $150 clear. You still have to pay rent if you're renting, you've gotta pay your rego and it's 12 hour filming days."

Do people on MAFS get paid? ›

So, How Much Do MAFS Stars Get Paid? Season 9 bride Olivia Frazer previously revealed during an Instagram Q&A that contestants are paid “$1,100 per week.” While her rival, Domenica Calarco, admitted that her salary was “about minimum wage” during an interview on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

Are Olajuwon and Katina back together? ›

Many were shocked they said yes on Decision Day, and even more so when Olajuwon insisted he changed his caveman ways at the reunion special. But after just a year of marriage, they were done. Now, recent social media posts show they've rekindled their flame.

What is the latest on Katina and Olajuwon? ›

Olajuwon broke the news of his and Katina's breakup to his followers in an Instagram update. “We both have made the decision to walk away from our marriage,” he shared. “We are officially legally separated. We leave with the utmost respect for each other.

Is Noi and Steve still together? ›

However, Noi wasn't super open to discussing their issues with the group, and over time, both the noodles and the relationship boiled over to their breaking point. Noi and Steve announced their split in July 2022 on Instagram and have been working on rebuilding their lives separately.

Does Michael Scott have a girlfriend? ›

Michael Scott and Carol Stills eventually started dating on The Office after a few meetings. He even asked Carol to join him at Dunder Mifflin's disastrous "Casino Night," which was also attended by Jan Levinson.

Who was Michael's love interest? ›

Initially introduced in season 4, Holly served as a replacement HR Representative for the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, and quickly developed a romantic relationship with Michael Scott, the regional manager.

Who does Michael have a crush on? ›

Ryan Is Like A Son To Michael

Michael claims that Ryan is more like a son to him but viewers would agree that Michael has an unspoken crush on him more than anything.

Are Lindsey and Miguel still together? ›

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina are going their separate ways. The Married at First Sight couple, who tied the knot on the Lifetime reality show during its 15th season in 2022, have called it quits, PEOPLE can exclusively confirm.

Who pays for wedding dress on Married at First Sight? ›

Since it has already been established that the U.S. and U.K. versions of the show have their similarities, it's safe to assume that the show likely pays for the wedding dress — provided that the gown is not too expensive.

Who is Veronica's new boyfriend? ›

Jamal Menzies from 90 Day Fiancé is a walking red flag, as per fans who were introduced to him as Veronica Rodriguez's new love interest on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3.

Why did Timothy and Veronica break up? ›

Opening up about his break-up, Tim said: "Veronica and I were together [for] eight years and just never, you know, tied the knot. We were starting to take different paths in life and we just changed."

Who is Veronica engaged to? ›

Everything to Know About Chadwick Gekko, Veronica's Husband on "Riverdale" Season 5.

Are Bilal and Shaheeda still together? ›

Shaeeda and Bilal are still happily married and regularly share couple's content on TikTok and Instagram.

Is Michael cheating on Angela? ›

During the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela tearfully revealed that she caught Michael cheating on her with a woman he met on Instagram.

What happens to Michael's wife? ›

Tracey Bluth is Michael's deceased wife and George Michael's mother. Her death is what drives Michael to pursue a stronger relationship with their son George Michael. It is revealed that prior to her death, she was in a coma for several months. She died of ovarian cancer in the Bluth family beach cottage.

Who does Michael finally end up with? ›

He eventually settled down with Holly as she shared a similar sense of humor with him. He eventually quit Dunder Mifflin and moved to Boulder, Colorado to help Holly care for her ailing parents.

Is Michael lying on married at first sight? ›

Michael Watson admits to lying to Meka Jones during 'MAFS'

“Truth be told, I just wasn't very honest and I didn't tell the truth about a number of different things…it just wasn't a good look for me at all,” he said. “People were right to feel the way they felt.”

Who pays the rent on Married at First Sight? ›

The cast has to cover their own living expenses, too.

"You get $150 for the day, that's it," season five MAFS star Nassar Sultan said on Australian TV show Now to Love, per MSN. "But on top of that, you have to pay expenses—your living expenses with the woman that you marry."

How much does Michael make on Married at First Sight? ›

Michael Brunelli has revealed what the participants on Married At First Sight get paid to appear on the hit Channel Nine reality show. In a TikTok video, the 31-year-old fitness trainer admitted that he got paid $150 a day to star on the dating series.

Does MAFS pay for apartments? ›

You still have to pay rent if you're renting, you've gotta pay your rego and it's 12 hour filming days." Another previous MAFS contestant, Clark Sherwood, spoke out about the money situation, stating: "There's no financial gain from going on the show."

Are MAFS contestants actors? ›

As for the contestants, they're real, although not all of them apply for the show. Former MAFS grooms Jono Pitman and Ryan Gallagher were both headhunted for the series, the former of whom was hit-up at a Sunday footy game.

Can you get an annulment on Married at First Sight? ›

The answer depends entirely on the state in which the couples reside at the time they seek annulment. If the parties live in North Carolina, then North Carolina annulment law applies. (Note: Season nine of Married at First Sight featured North Carolina couples). There are no federal laws on annulling a marriage.

What are the requirements to be on Married at First Sight? ›

Married At First Sight: 20 Rules Couples Have To Follow
  • A Legally Binding Marriage, But No Church Wedding. ...
  • They Must Fill Out An Open-Ended Psychological Questionnaire. ...
  • The Pay Is Not Good. ...
  • They Must Declare Their Stand On Decision Day.
Dec 22, 2021

Who did Ryan Ignasiak marry? ›

Ryan Ignasiak appeared on Married at First Sight's 13th season, which took place in Houston and aired in 2021. Though he was married to Brett Layton at the time, the pair have since divorced.

Did Mark and Lindsey stay together? ›

At their worst, Lindsey was demeaning and overly demanding of Mark, and he was distant and overwhelmed by the relationship. At their best, they played games around the house and laughed all the time. Mark and Lindsey's relationship ended in divorce, but they seem to appreciate each other more since they separated.

Who did Jaclyn Schwartzberg marry? ›

Regrettably, Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Oubre's drama did not stop after Married At First Sight. Just 10 months later, the couple announced that they were parting ways. On June 28, 2018, Jaclyn took to her Twitter account to announce the news of her divorce from Ryan.

What is Katina from mafs Instagram? ›

KATINA GOODE (@__slimmgoodie) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is the new host of married at first sight after party? ›

Follows Keshia Knight Pullia, who dishes with the MAFS current cast to get the inside scoop on the action, romance, and behind the scenes drama.

What is Alyssa's problem on Married at First Sight? ›

Alyssa has gone down as one of the worst wives in Married At First Sight history after she failed to give her arranged husband, Chris, a chance and lashed out at him whenever she had the opportunity.

Are Ella and Mitch together? ›

Calling him 'the coldest person I've ever met', Ella concluded: 'Mitch has been the worst guy I've ever dated. ' Ella and Mitch were one of the most popular couples on season nine of MAFS. They made it all the way to the final vows before splitting up and deciding not to take their relationship any further.

Are Steve and Noi getting a divorce? ›

Steve & Noi Finalize Their Divorce

They each shared the news with Married at First Sight fans on July 9, 2022, through their respective Instagram accounts. Many fans were disappointed Steve and Noi called it quits, as they were one of the most stable couples from the season.

Is Jasmina from married at first sight still married? ›

“Don't separate in your mind the difference between 'Okay, we're friends and that's all we can —' That's crap.” Ultimately, the pair decided to remain married on Decision Day. “I feel like I don't know you enough, so you know, I want to get to know you more and stay married,” Jasmina told her husband.

Why did Michael get divorced? ›

Michael Jordan's affair with Karla Knafel may have been the biggest reason why him and Juanita Vanoy got divorced. Karla Knafel was a lounge singer back during Michael Jordan's playing days, who was having relations with the man for quite some time.

Who did Michael from mafs cheat with? ›

What happened was I was in Adelaide when he hooked up with Hayley and no one told me what was going on and I was all alone." “I understand where the rumours came from. We did share coffee and we did hang out," she said, adding, "I swear that Mikey and I have never shared any sexual intimacy," she also told New Idea.

Did Michael cheat on Stacey mafs? ›

' Stacey and Mikey's 'affair' was exposed by his TV bride Natasha Spencer when she delivered a toast at the. She began by telling the other couples Stacey and Michael had 'the fakest relationship in Australian reality TV history', adding: Cheers to you, babe.

Do the Married at First Sight married couples get paid? ›

While contestants on Married at First Sight do receive payment for their participation on the show, it's not much compared to other reality television series. "They receive a stipend — essentially a per diem since we often film 50 to 60 hours a week with them," a source told Women's Health in 2020.

Do Noi and Steve stay together? ›

However, Noi wasn't super open to discussing their issues with the group, and over time, both the noodles and the relationship boiled over to their breaking point. Noi and Steve announced their split in July 2022 on Instagram and have been working on rebuilding their lives separately.

Why did Lisa divorce Michael? ›

However, she would later deny knowledge of Jackson's drug use during their marriage. The couple divorced in 1996, citing "irreconcilable differences." According to Presley, they were still together on and off for four years following their divorce.

Did Michael get his spousal visa? ›

They eventually got married in Nigeria, and in Season 7 of Happily Ever After?, Angela reveals that Michael's K-1 visa was approved for his move to the U.S.

Did Stacey sleep with Mikey MAFS? ›

Stacey's one-night stand with Mikey was exposed at Tuesday's reunion dinner party. The 29-year-old said: 'One thing led to another, me and Stacey had a few drinks in Ivan and Aleks' room, and we slept together.

Was Michael lying about his job on Married at First Sight? ›

Jones also discovered that Watson lied about being a Yoga instructor. He admitted that he didn't work at the yoga studio and only did janitorial work. “One way you pay for your membership is that you help clean the studio. That's just smart,” he said.

Did Michael cheat with Hayley? ›

According to Vanessa— who dated former MAFS bad boy, Bronson Norrish— the affair took place in her hotel room while Stacey was spending time in Adelaide with her two children. “Michael walked into our room. He was really drunk and so was Hayley," Vanessa began.

What does Michael Goonan do for work? ›

Michael is the owner and Director of Adelaide Ice, South Australia's largest ice manufacturing and packaging business, after having purchased a local company a couple of years after his arrival in Australia. However Michael didn't simply inherit the small empire that Adelaide Ice has become.

What is Michael's real job on married at first sight? ›

When Meka went to go meet Michael at a yoga studio where he allegedly worked, she found out that he did not even teach there. He was a janitor.

Who did Tamara message MAFS? ›

MAFS' Ella Ding exposes Tamara Djordjevic for secretly messaging Mitch Eynaud during filming. ''She caused a bit of drama for Mitch and I.


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