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Ever since Niantic introduced the Adventure Sync feature in Pokémon Go, many players started covering more and more distance by walking. Adventure Sync is a feature in Pokémon Go that collects data from your fitness tracker app and GPS signal to reward you with certain gifts. The distance is tracked when your Pokémon GO account is offline and the rewards are determined on the basis of the distance you covered each week by walking. By doing so, you are able to won the award like 50km rewards in Pokémon GO.

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There are three different distance categories for Adventure Sync, the 50 km distance is the most popular, mainly due to its extensive reward at the end. In today’s article, we’ll share a few detailed tips and cheats on how to earn the 50km reward in Pokémon Go so that you can collect cool items for your account.

  • Part 1: What Is 50 Km Reward in Pokémon GO
  • Part 2: How to Win Pokémon GO 50 KM Reward
  • Part 3: Cheats You Must Know in Pokémon GO 50 km Reward Guides, Tips & Cheats Should Know (3)

Part 1: What Is 50 Km Reward in Pokémon GO

Basically, the Adventure Sync has three different distance categories, i.e., 5km, 25km, and 50km. Each of these categories has different rewards for the players. Among all these categories, however, the 50 km reward Pokémon Go is the most desirable as it includes 20 Pokeballs, 10 Great Balls, and 76500 Stardust, 5km Egg & 3 Rare Candy or 10km Egg.

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This is the reason why the majority of players aim for the 50km benchmark. Unfortunately, there are a few things that you must remember if you want to collect the Pokémon Go 50km reward. First of all, the activity tracker will only track your distance if you’re walking / cycling / running at a pace of less than 10km/hour.

Anything above this speed will go beyond the specified speed cap and as a result, “Pokémon Go” won’t add the distance in your weekly walking activity. This also means that earning the 50km reward is likely to be a hassle as not every player is capable of walking 50kms each week.

Secondly, Adventure Sync reward will only work when you’re completely offline. Even if Pokémon GO is running in the background, your walking activity will not be tracked and as a result, you won’t get rewarded.

Part 2: How to Win Pokémon GO 50 KM Reward

Now that we’ve discussed what is the Pokémon GO 50km reward, let’s talk about how you can collect this award. Here we have put together a few helpful tips that’ll make it easier to complete 50km weekly distance for Adventure Sync and collect the desired award.

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  • First and foremost, make sure that your walking / running speed is not surpassing the specified speed cap of 10km/hour. Otherwise, Pokémon GO will simply neglect the covered distance.

  • If you are unable to go out and walk / run, you can also use the treadmill at your home. The Adventure Sync feature also counts the treadmill distance.

  • The fitness app will sync at irregular time intervals when your phone is in Power Saver mode. So, you should only use the Adventure sync feature when “Power Saver mode” is turned off.

  • Finally, Adventure Sync will only record distance when Pokémon Go is completely closed. The game should not even run in the background as this will cause Pokémon Go’s own distance tracking to interfere with the data collected from Google Fit. This can also make you lose your 50 km Pokémon GO reward.

Part 3: Cheats You Must Know in Pokémon GO 50 km Reward

Since it’s challenging to walk 50kms in a week, many players look for Pokémon Go cheats to complete the weekly distance. Fortunately, there are a few tips that’ll make it easier to complete this distance and earn the Pokémon GO Adventure Sync reward.

1 Spoof Pokémon GO with iMyFone AnyTo

One of the most convenient cheats to collect 50km Pokémon Go reward is to spoof your device’s GPS location. By spoofing your location, you won’t have to walk even a single step to complete the 50km benchmark. You can use dedicated GPS spoofing apps that allow you to customize the GPS movement and set its speed less than 10km/hour. This way you’ll be able to complete the weekly 50km challenge without having to step out of your house.

Now, let me introduce an wonderful location spoofing app named iMyFone AnyTo. With iMyFone AnyTo, you can change the GPS location with a simple click. It is a fully-functional software that works with both Mac & Windows.

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The most amazing feature of iMyFone AnyTo is that it allows you to create your customized route to make your iOS and Android devices move along, which means, once you use it, you can gain more distances without moving and walking outside. That's the best trick to won Pokémon Go 50 km rewards effortlessly!

After knowing how amazing iMyFone AnyTo is, let's follow these steps to spoof your GPS location and collect Pokémon Go 50km reward.

Firstly, let me invite you to watch the video to explore this AMAZING Pokémon Go Spoofer:

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[Video Transcription]

Step 1: Click the download button above and install iMyFone AnyTo on your PC/Mac. Launch the software and click “Get Started”.

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Step 2: You’ll be asked to connect your iOS and Android devices to the PC/Mac. So, connect the device using a USB cable and tap “Trust” on the prompted pop-up to establish a secure connection.

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Step 3: At this point, you’ll see a map on your screen. Since you need to fake your GPS movement, choose “Two-spot Mode” or "Multi-spot Mode"at the top-right corner. Let's take the "Two-spot Mode" for example.

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Step 4:After selecting the mode, se the top search bar to enter a destination and use the slider to adjust your moving speed. Make sure to set a speed less than Adventure Sync’s official “speed cap”

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Step 5: Click “Move” to initiate the fake GPS movement.

At this point, you can simply sit back and let iMyFone AnyTo automatically add more kilometers to the Adventure Sync’s distance tracker.

That's how you can use iMyFone AnyTo to gain more distances. Download iMyFone AnyTo for free, enjoy Pokémon Go and win 50km rewards effortlessly now!

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2 Share Friend Code

In Pokémon Go, you can also share friend codes to get the Pokémon GO 50km reward. Friend code is a unique code that’s generally used to add new friends. However, you can also use it to send rewards and gifts to your friends. This will help you get the 50km rewards without having to walk the distance.

Here’s how you can use a friend code to get your 50km reward in Pokémon Go.

Step 1: Launch Pokémon Go and open your “Profile”.

Step 2: Click “Friends” to open your friends’ list in Pokémon Go.

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Step 3: Here click the “Add Friend” button and enter the specific friend code. You can get these codes from Reddit or other forums on the Internet.

Step 4: Now, choose a gift like an exclusive egg to help your new friend hatch eggs without covering a distance.

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Once the gift is sent, your Adventure sync distance will automatically increase.

3 Get More Incubators

The final cheat for Pokémon Go 50km reward is to get more incubators. However, this cheat is a bit challenging as you’ll only get one incubator at the beginning of the game. Even though you can use this incubator several times, hatching eggs will only be possible when you have multiple incubators.

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The good new is, you are allowed to get the incubators by leveling up or buying them at the shop. So, don't forget to collect the coins as many as possible, so that you can purchase the incubators whenever them become necessary.


Adventure Sync is probably the most unique feature in Pokémon Go. Since it rewards the players with some cool in-game items, almost each Pokémon GO player has eyes on the 50 Km reward in Pokémon Go. If you’re one of them, the above-mentioned tricks would have helped you collect your award and catch more Pokémon easily.

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